FoxTrot for iPad

Author Bill Amend, who is self-publishing these mini-books:

Each $1.99 book contains 100 strips, some old, some new, some story lines, some stand-alone jokes, some black and white dailies, some color Sundays. The idea is to create mini books that take maybe 20-30 minutes to read and which aren’t bogged down with a ton of outdated references, as happens with my older, chronologically arranged print books. Plus, they’re short enough that I can put together a fun themed book like the geeky #3.14.

I used to love FoxTrot when I was younger, but I haven’t read it in years, in part because I don’t get a print newspaper. I bought book #1 and it’s really well done. Highly recommended if you’re a FoxTrot fan. I hope this type of thing takes off.