Manifest for Apple Watch

When I first started developing Manifest, I realized it would likely be a great fit for the Apple Watch. Tracking time shouldn’t, er, take up much of your time. Manifest is designed to let you quickly start or stop a timer and then get back to what you’re doing. As luck would have it, that’s also central to the design of the Apple Watch, and I’m happy to say that Manifest supports Apple Watch on day one.

Manifest on the Apple Watch has two parts: the app itself, and a Glance that you can access by swiping up from the clock face. The Glance shows you information about your currently-running timer, including the elapsed time, project, task,and notes. You can tap the glance to open the main app.

Manifest’s watch gives you access to your full list of timers, one day at a time. You can tap a timer to see more information, or to start or stop it. Force tapping on the timer list will let you view a different day or add a new timer.

I’m really excited for people to try Manifest on their new watches, but I’m also apprehensive. The Apple Watch is a totally new device, and like most developers, I’m releasing this app without being able to try it on actual hardware. Greg Pierce summed up the feeling nicely in his open letter to Apple Watch early adopters:

We developers are excited about our new watches, too. We also may take weeks or even months to make sense of what we can, should and should not do with our apps on the watch.

Also, be aware that there are significant limitations to what we can do on the watch. We might like to make our watch app work without an iPhone nearby, make it play sounds, tap you, add a widget to the watch face, etc., but we do not (at least yet) have access to those features. Understand that if our apps are not as powerful and full featured as the ones Apple provides it may be because of these limitations.

I expect that the Manifest watch app will grow and evolve significantly as we all get a sense of what works and what doesn’t on the Apple Watch. As Apple makes them available, I’ll take advantage of new tools to make the app better and more refined.

If you’re an Apple Watch owner, the most helpful thing you can do is try Manifest on your watch and [let me know][] what works and what doesn’t. Feature requests, thoughts about what the app does, what you wish it did, and how it performs are all welcome and appreciated!

Manifest is available today on the App Store.